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The World's Funniest Proverbs by James Alexander

This collection of funny sayings from around the world - covering subjects from pessimism and money to happiness, drink and getting old - is an ideal gift, impulse buy or Christmas present, guaranteed to raise a laugh.

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In Britain

In Britain is the authentic introduction to British civilization and everyday English language. It covers every aspect of Britain today, with over 40 topic headings, including classic and contemporary English literature, the media, economics, the environment and employment. the Workbook section of In Britain contains follow-up writing exercises and listening activities.

Coursebook & Workbook (22 MB)
Coursebook audio (96 MB)
Workbook audio (31 MB)

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Britain - The country and its people

This book is for learners of English as a foreign language, at any level from intermediate upwards, who need to know more about Britain. It is invaluable to students on British Studies courses and to those who are studying British culture as a part of a general English course.

How can it be used?
- As a reference book.
- As a class reader and the starting-point for class discussions.

Key features
- Covers in 23 chapters all aspects of British life, giving students a real insight into what it means to live in Britain.
- Gives the essential facts about Britain and looks at the attitudes and beliefs which shape them.
- Describes both the public face of Britain - the Britain of the national and international news - and the private daily life of the British people.
- Provides lots of detailed extra information alongside the main text, often in the form of charts and graphs, extracts from popular fiction and newspapers and so on.
- Asks questions at the end of each chapter to encourage analysis of the text and to stimulate cross-cultural comparisons.
- Is attractively illustrated in full colour.
- Provides suggestions for further reading.

- Includes a detailed index to make it easy to locate specific items of information.

Личная оценка: 10/10 (очень интересная и познавательная книга. Советую всем скачать и прочитать)

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