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Topics from A to Z: Steps to Success in Listening and Speaking (Book 1)

Topics From A to Z is a new conversation/listening series designed for beginner to lower-intermediate students.
Topics from A to Z, Book 1: Steps to Success in Listening and Speaking, by Irene E. Schoenberg, is a unique and effective listening and speaking program for beginning English learners. Twenty-six units -- one for each letter of the alphabet -- take students on a journey from the straightforward to the highly imaginative with topics such as chocolate, fables and fairy tales, laughter, and martial arts. Students build confidence in listening and speaking as they develop vocabulary and conversation skills.
Each unit includes:
*lively art to stimulate discussion
*listening questions based on fun facts
*pair work drawing on personal experience


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In Britain

In Britain is the authentic introduction to British civilization and everyday English language. It covers every aspect of Britain today, with over 40 topic headings, including classic and contemporary English literature, the media, economics, the environment and employment. the Workbook section of In Britain contains follow-up writing exercises and listening activities.

Coursebook & Workbook (22 MB)
Coursebook audio (96 MB)
Workbook audio (31 MB)

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